Bamboo Flooring is an environmentally friendly choice. No natural resources are depleted. Bamboo is actually a grass that is harvested. It is not a hardwood yet it has a hardness rating that is harder than oak, maple, cherry, birch, ash or walnut hardwoods. Visit our Castleton or Carmel locations to see our selection.


This beautiful type of wood flooring is made from the hard, woody stems of bamboo plants. The low moisture absorption and durability of bamboo makes this an ideal flooring option in climates where humidity and temperature vary from season to season.



Teragren SYNERGY strand bamboo flooring is perfect for high-traffic commercial as well as residential installations. SYNERGY is available in Wheat, Chestnut, or Java colors. All Teragren products are manufactured to stringent U.S. and European environmental standards.

A unique patented manufacturing process utilizing bamboo strands and an environmentally safe adhesive causes the fibers to fuse together, producing a flooring product 18% harder than Santos mahogany and 100% harder than red oak.

Bamboo and Cork


When choosing the right flooring option for your home, think about durability and long-lasting qualities needed for the traffic of each area in your home. Cork flooring is a great choice for the high-traffic areas of your home and can be applied without compromising the elegance and beauty of your style.

Cork is an environmentally sound choice for flooring.

The cork oak tree is not destroyed and then replanted but rather the bark is trimmed from the tree every 9 years, leaving the tree and the forest undamaged. It is not unusual to have a 200 year old tree still producing cork bark. Cork flooring is actually made from the waste of the cork wine stopper manufacturing process so cork flooring is a recycled product.

Bamboo and Cork