Castleton Hardwood, Carpet and Laminates

Carmel Flooring Store

Customers often ask "How do I begin and how long will it take until I have new flooring in my home?"

Let's take a look at a typical scenario:

A customer visits one of our two convenient retail locations, one in Castleton and one in Carmel, and is helped in the selection process by one of our design-trained sales associates. The associate asks questions about the customer's needs and wants and listens and suggests products that clearly fit the needs of the client. Expertise may be offered to educate the customer, answer any questions, and make recommendations. Each staff associate has the ability to provide a rug or floor covering for one room or an entire home using one or numerous flooring products with or without the need of an outside interior designer.

We also work with many custom homebuilders, designers, and contractors to provide an excellent selection of quality products (including hardwood, bamboo and cork flooring), uncompromised service, and expert installation.

During the initial visit to our showroom in Castleton or Carmel, we setup an appointment for a free in-home measure. Our customers take home samples on the first visit. It helps for our customers to see these products in their own home. A second trip to the showroom for additional samples is quite often necessary and encouraged in order to make the proper selections.

Typically, the sales associate receives the measure information back the following day and can then plan seams, calculate square footage, installation time required and the cost of the job based on these measurements and our customer's selection.

The customer returns to review the details and place their order. We ask that the customer review the layout of the job and seaming diagram with us, read and take a copy of the pre-installation checklist and place a down payment of 50%. Thus far, we are typically within one week from the initial visit.

Our sales associate will then place the order with our supplier and verify that the selection is in stock and readily available to ship to Blakley's. In most cases, but not all, the material can ship within a few days and arrive within seven to ten days. If the material needed for the job is scheduled to arrive in this time frame, our sales associate can inform our customer and schedule a tentative date for the installation. We typically have installation days available within two to three weeks depending upon the time of year.

Once in a while flooring is not in stock at our supplier. In that case, we will be given a back order date. Very seldom is the availability of a product any longer than three to four weeks.

Assuming that the product is readily available and an installation date selected, Blakley's then tracks this order to assure meeting the established timetable.

Our scheduling department will call the customer the day prior to installation to remind the customer that we are coming and to give an approximate time frame to expect us. At this time we will also review the pre-installation checklist briefly, and state the balance due which is to be given to our installers upon completion and customer inspection of the new flooring.

As a follow-up after installation, Blakley's sends out a short survey for the customer to complete and send back to us. This survey is somewhat of a "report card". Our intent is to exceed our customer's expectations. Our commitment is to satisfy every customer.

In addition, the customer will receive a short letter giving the customer a name and phone number to contact for any installation and maintenance concerns or questions.

In summary, the sale and installation process typically spans three to four weeks from initial visit to installation day. However, Blakley's will work with each individual customer in order to meet specific installation requirements and deadlines.