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Carpet is more than just a flooring choice. By decorating your room with carpet as the starting point, you can transform your rooms into comfortable living spaces reflective of your personal style. Blakley's diverse carpet collection allows you to find the right carpet to complement an already furnished room, or serve as a focal point in a brand new space. Create an elegant back drop for entertaining, or choose a soft, inviting play area for your children. Whatever your needs, you'll find the most fashionable selection of colors, patterns, shades, and textures at Blakley's flooring stores in Castleton and Carmel.


Frieze is a highly twisted cut pile carpet suited for high traffic areas because of its durability. It has short fibers that tend to curl in different directions at the surface to hide footprints and vacuum marks, it also holds up well under heavy traffic.



Textured carpet can be used in both formal and informal settings. The soft feel of textured carpet is a great addition to family rooms and bedrooms. The textured carpet pattern is created out of a single color by giving some of the tufts added twist, causing them to curl back on themselves in random directions. Textured carpet has a multi-colored look that helps disguise footprints and other tracks.



In this cut pile, the yarns are slightly twisted, creating a "grass type look". The individual yarn strands are longer and spaced further apart as opposed to the Saxony, Textured and Frieze Cut Pile Styles. Shag carpets are great to use in a casual family room.



Cable carpets use well-twisted, heavier yarns and are good for medium traffic areas. While able to offer cutting-edge style, cable carpets are a great complement for the causal room where comfort and warmth are essential.



Plush carpet has a luxurious look and an even cut pile with a velvet feel, adding beauty to any room. The luxurious appearance makes plush carpet ideal for formal areas.


Level Loop

Level loop carpet is created by weaving even loops of yarn into the carpet backing at both ends. Because of its strong loops, the level loop carpet is very track resistant. Higher level loops create a more luxurious appearance.

The short, densely packed loops are easy to clean and prevent dirt from filtering into the carpet. Level loop carpet is long-lasting and is ideal for high traffic areas.



A low loop pile is much more resistant to crushing than a cut pile, and they provide excellent performance at a very modest price.


Patterned Loop

Patterned loop carpets have a high pile loop and a shorter low pile loop forming a distinctive pattern or design. Generally these carpets are made in two or more tones which are great for showing less soil and footprints.


Cut and Loop

Cut and loop carpets offer the visual appeal of texture and pattern as well as high durability. Many of these styles are on the cutting edge of fashion today. Cut and loop carpeting is created by tufting some loops higher than others. When the carpet is sheared, the higher loop tufts are cut, but the lower ones are not. The resulting cut pile tufts look darker than the loops, creating a pattern.


Patterned Lowcut Pile

The increasing number of homes with home theaters, libraries or studies, and home offices are perfect candidates for a patterned carpet. In addition, a formal elegant look may be achieved in a master bedroom , dining room or living room with these styles. Blakley's carries a large assortment of patterned cut pile carpet styles and price ranges.


Select the Right Fiber for You:

Silk is the most luxurious of all carpets. The nap of the fiber gives it high and low sheen levels adding to the ultimate look and feel of luxury. Due to its extremely high cost, it is not used often unless blended with wools. Professional cleaning is required by an expert.
Wool is the most durable and resilient carpet fiber. Wool is naturally soil resistant; the outer membrane repels water, it accepts dyes to the deepest and richest colors, it's inherently flame-retardant, has a soft and luxurious feel, and is environmentally friendly. (Renewable and biodegradable) No natural resources are depleted. Often (but not always) wool is more expensive than other fibers.
This type of carpet fiber has the characteristics of wool and the material it's blended with (usually nylon). It's often blended to give a unique look as wool and other fibers will accept dye differently. Also, the cost is usually reduced by using less wool in the finished product (unless blended with silk).
Following wool carpets, this man-made fiber is the most durable. Its soil and stain resistant when treated with the latest stain-resistance technology. A variety of price ranges are available. This is the most common fiber used in residential and commercial carpeting installations due to its durability and high ability to be cleaned. Manufacturers require professional cleaning every 18-24 months to keep the warranties in tact.
This fiber is also known as olefin. It is a very stain-resistant fiber and it will not fade. This style is excellent for pool areas or areas where chlorine may be found. It can be cleaned safely using most carpet cleaning products on the market. It is not as resilient or durable as nylon or wool. This fiber when used in a well constructed loop carpet is ideal for many areas where price is an important factor. This fiber is less expensive than the others listed above. We do not recommend cut-pile carpets made of this fiber due to wear and durability issues.
Polyester carpets historically have not performed as well as nylon, wool, or Smartstrand carpets. We do not recommend a lesser quality of polyester carpet for high traffic areas as these may show wear sooner than other fibers. However, Blakley’s does carry a supplier that manufactures styles of higher quality carpets made of polyester fiber that Blakley’s feels will perform well in all areas of the home.