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Choosing hardwood for your home is a signature of your style, warmth and luxury. The durability and beauty combine to make hardwoods and excellent choice for both high traffic areas and elegant entertainment rooms. Hardwood floors add value to your home and are an excellent selling point for home resale if maintained well. Hardwood flooring has variation and character because it is created by using material directly from nature. Designed exclusively for Blakley's, available from both our Castleton and Carmel locations, Tigeran Hardwoods offers beautiful hardwoods at affordable prices.



This type of hardwood flooring is made of the hard, durable wood of the oak tree. White Oak has a long grain pattern with colors from light to medium tan with hints of gray. Red Oak has a beautiful grain pattern that adds to the look of your home.



This type of hardwood flooring is made of the hard, close-grained wood of the sugar maple. It is a terrific species that has many different looks and can be used in various rooms in your home. Maple is a lighter colored species, so it lends itself to contemporary decor.



This type of hardwood flooring is made of a hard, close-grained wood of various birch trees that will add warmth to any room.



This type of hardwood flooring is made of various ash trees. This strong, elastic type of wood is very durable and great for family rooms.



This type of hardwood flooring is made from the walnut tree. This hard, dark brown wood provides warmth to any room in your home.



This type of hardwood is made from various cherry trees and is a great selection for contemporary style. Cherry hardwood floors are perfect in traditional or formal settings as well as rustic if the hardwood is distressed or hand-scraped. Cherry hardwood is typically not a contemporary wood.



This type of hardwood is made from hickory trees and is hand-scraped to create a rustic look.



This type of hardwood flooring is known for its hardness and durability. This exotic choice adds style to any room with its brownish-red color.



This type of hardwood flooring is made from a rich, dark mahogany colored wood that is known for its variation of shades of colors.



This type of hardwood flooring is a beautiful exotic species. Its name is derived from the wood's appearance, a dark orange color with dark veins creating a tiger resemblance.


Blakley’s large selection of hardwood flooring is limited to factory pre-finished, easy care hardwood styles. Blakley’s does not offer unfinished hardwood. Hardwood flooring can be classified into solid or engineered styles.


Usually ¾” thick can only be nailed or stapled to wood sub floor. It cannot be glued or used on concrete. Thinner solid styles may be appropriate for glue-down or nail-down installation.


Several ply’s laminated together to provide more dimensional stability. Usually 3/8”, 1/2 “, or 7/16” thick. This can be glued down over concrete or stapled down over wood.

Floating Hardwood Floors

Some types of engineered hardwood can be installed over a pad where the tongue and groove is glued together and no adhesive is used to adhere to the surface below. This is called a “floating floor” installation.

Each type of hardwood construction and each installation method has its advantages and disadvantages. Meet with our floor covering consultant to learn which is the best for your specific needs.

It should be noted that hardwood flooring is not recommended below grade (ie. basements).